Acrolein (C3H4O)

Acrolein is a highly hazardous and necessary component for certain manufacturing processes. Using UV-DOAS technology, TAS has installed and continues to maintain an open path acrolein detection system with over a dozen paths. Using a mixture of single and double pass technologies, sometimes even using mirrors, TAS was able to create an effective perimeter around an entire unit the size of two football fields. TAS overcame this obstacle by bringing all stakeholders to the table and addressing each person’s concerns and opinions as to how the system should function.

Planning and Implementation

A successful implementation will include identifying the raw data needed for automation of any HSE systems (such as water cannons or system flushing), understanding the measurement and operations environment the sensors will be operating in, determining appropriate methods for the application, and then working closely with the manufacturer and engineering support to design, install, and transition equipment into operations with forward-thinking planning for appropriate use and maintenance. point source vs various release locations due to faulty seals

Typical Applications

  • Fenceline Monitoring
  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Open Path Monitoring

Typical Industries

  • Petrochemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Plastics Manufacturing