Water (H2O)

Water can present unique hazards to human health in industrial procedures that can be addressed with certain monitoring techniques. Exposure to hazardous substances is a primary concern when managing water-related processes. Water treatment facilities and the like exercise certain methodologies that can result in the release of volatile chemicals in the air and the contamination of water. Continuous monitoring of water quality and conditions with the proper technologies improves process efficiency and minimizes operational costs. TAS provides high-precision instruments, service, and consultation to assure the world’s most precious resource is properly protected.

Additionally, moisture, such as fog or high humidity, can impair and interfere with system performance and accuracy in other monitoring applications. Prevalent atmospheric water vapor can result in nuisance alarms and other disturbances that can significantly impact an instrument’s ability to effectively calculate gaseous concentrations. Implementing the proper equipment to accommodate these potential issues assist in preventing false alarms and data collection errors.

Whether you want to accurately detect the effect of fog on your systems or ensure safe drinking water, TAS has the expertise in chemistry and environmental science required to monitor your water and accommodate the most unique situations.

Typical Applications

  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Fenceline and Open Path Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring

Typical Industries

  • Hydroponics
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Oil/Water separation
  • Remineralization
  • Demineralization
  • Desalination