What We Do

TAS is a technology facilitator, aiding technology adoption by:
– helping manufacturers successfully field products in industrial applications
– helping industry overcome adoption barriers and field technologies cost-effectively

TAS evaluates opportunities to support technologies and products into industry adoption.
Each is assessed for functionality, market need, adoption potential, and, finally, sustainability to support adoption. Many products are evaluated and passed on. TAS chooses to support adoption of products that:
– are market ready
– fit a sustainable niche or need
– approach a more traditional market in uniquely beneficial ways
– can be effectively supported

The TAS customer is the end user.
TAS remains independent of vendor and technology bias to make the best possible assessment and recommendations. To this purpose TAS:
– evaluates available products within a technology
– recommends the best technology and products in the interest of both the user and the manufacturers
– avoids damaging placement of technologies and products where they are not effective