Optical Remote Sensing

TAS Remote Sensing Legacy

TAS began in 1992 to develop adoption of open path remote sensing instruments for industrial monitoring systems. TAS began developing techniques and systems to make these research tools part of industry hardened applications.


TAS Unique Qualifications 

The list of TAS remote sensing successes and innovations is long. TAS fielded the first permanent fenceline monitoring system using multiple open path technologies. TAS has fielded dozens of open path and other optical sensing systems in many industries and environments. Optical remote sensors have come of age, and this remains the core of TAS business.

Open path sensors are highly versatile from small targeted spaces to very long paths monitoring large areas. Light projected through the sample path measures industrial gases as they move through. This kind of measurement could present a number of challenges, but TAS is accustomed to building reliable systems and applying them to useful applications.

TAS is uniquely qualified to design, field, and manage optical remote sensing systems for industrial applications. None come close to the TAS experience and application innovations.


TAS Applications

Adoption of open path sensing technologies required development of relevant and effective methods. TAS developed and fielded the first real-time permanent open path application. TAS open path systems are in permanent mission and process critical applications throughout the Americas. TAS has a creative group of engineers, scientists, and designers that understand the technology adoption challenges. Designing and fielding for reliable operation of these systems is a TAS legacy.