Commercial Agriculture is Largely a Chemical Industry

Science and technology are always behind the business of livestock, seeds, fertilizers, pest control, fuels, water supplies, animal operations, waste products, processing and packaging, distribution, environmental impact. From production to environmental impact, the agriculture industry increasingly depends on technologies to produce more with less, remain sustainable, and minimize environmental impact.

TAS has been involved at many levels in agriculture. Experience with Texas agribusiness is substantial at TAS in farming and ranching. We have extensive project and applications experience supporting nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer production, and we have worked many projects for agrochemical manufacturers to reduce emissions, monitor community impact, and improve operations productivity.

Areas of the Agriculture Industry Where TAS Has Been Active

– Nitrogen/Urea production and distribution
– Animal operations environmental impact
– Animal operations productivity
– Agrochemicals production
– Phosphates production
– Water purification and conditioning
– Warehousing and transport
– Waste management and reuse
– Food and beverage processing
– Pulp and paper emissions

Example Agricultural Industry Projects Supported by TAS

– Nitrogen fertilizer production and distribution