TAS has decades of experience monitoring hazardous chemicals at refineries

Hazards and risks associated with chemical manufacturing and use are gaining greater awareness. Business managers and executives are recognizing risks of hazardous materials processing to workers, public, and business interests. Improved risk management is being driven by industry standards, insurance providers, regulators, communities, and more.

TAS is particularly qualified to address issues in the chemical industry including real-time gas monitoring, emissions detection, hazardous chemical release detection, and response. TAS is also working on solutions for specialty chemical combustors and specialty water systems.

Areas of the Chemical industry where TAS has been active

– Chemical production process monitoring
– Raw material storage
– Combustion and vent emissions detection and combustion
– Local and area detection and alarming for health and safety
– Fast near field leak detection and location
– Large area leak detection and location

Some examples of TAS projects in Chemical industries

– Area monitoring of HF around acid production, storage, and use
– Heat exchanger leak detection and system shutdown in refrigerant production
– HCl monitoring and emergency response integration in silanes production
– Flare monitoring and control in ammonia storage
– Chlorine area detection by UV DOAS
– Intermodal station monitoring for HF and BF3
– Detection, alarming, and emergency response for Acrolein
– Area detection and mitigation integration fr ammonia use and storage in a specialty chemical operation