Mining and Minerals

TAS has a long history supporting mining and minerals operations across the Americas

Mining operations and mineral processing benefit from gas detection process control, combustion systems for waste gas destruction and energy recovery, area monitoring for toxic gas detection from minerals processing, and water conditioning systems for process and wastewater

Areas of the mining and minerals industry where TAS has been active include

– Phosphorous, Silicon, and Titanium processing
– Precious metals mining and production
– Toxic gas monitoring
– Water systems
– Greenhouse gas impact
– Waste gas treatment and use
– Process monitoring and control

A few examples of TAS projects in mining and minerals

– Process monitoring for NaCN recovery and reuse in precious metal processing
– HCN monitoring for metals extraction operations need the best available technologies to be managed
– Mine vent gas for low BTU energy generation and destruction for carbon credit trading
– Phosphate process and safety monitoring for HF, H2S, and SO3
– Monitoring and combustion of low BTU gas streams from mines and waste facilities for energy recovery
– HCl detection and offsite impact from silicates operation
– HCl monitoring and building systems control for TiCl4 operation
– HF emissions from phosphate ore processing