Oil and Gas

TAS largest industry presence is in Oil and Gas

Located in one of the world centers of oil and gas business, TAS history and experience in the industry is extensive, and our access to industry technology and business centers is strong.

TAS premier specialty is toxic and flammable gas monitoring systems using open path detection technologies. We have a long-standing presence in over two dozen refineries and gas production facilities. TAS provides systems design, integration, and operations support for production, transportation, and refining.

Areas of the Oil and Gas industry where TAS has been active

– Oil and gas exploration and production facilities
– Upstream gas and water treatment monitoring and safety
– Vapor combustion systems
– Pipeline survey and integrity monitoring
– Bulk storage safety and operations monitoring
– Refining process safety
– Transportation
– Process Safety systems integration
– Health, Safety, and environmental monitoring

Some examples of TAS projects in Oil and Gas

– Public fenceline monitoring design-build-operate with open path UV, FTIR, and TDL technologies
– Sour gas well treatment site H2S open path area monitoring
– Refinery LEL and HF monitoring design and integration
– Automation of refinery unit leak detection and incident mitigation
– Standalone detection and alarm for sour gas fin fan cooler
– Integration and optimization of airborne gas leak detection system
– Trace aromatics by UV-DOAS
– Multi-technology HF detection systems and mitigation integration.