CH4 Monitoring and Detection

Methane (CH4) remains one of the most prevalent greenhouse gases that negatively impacts the environment. Methane is the main component of natural gas and is colorless and tasteless. Given its highly flammable nature and how difficult it is to detect, reliable and effective monitoring of methane is crucial to maintaining safe conditions and avoiding accidental leaks. Certain concentrations of methane can result in explosions if ignited, often causing extensive loss of life and costly damages.

CH4 Monitoring Experience

TAS has a solution for every type of methane monitoring scenario. From food processing to chemical manufacturing, TAS has installed over a dozen methane monitoring systems worldwide for a wide range of clientele. Our extensive experience affords us the expert knowledge to provide a sweeping array of solutions for your methane monitoring application. Yet, nobody knows your process better than you do. So, TAS often provides more than one solution to ensure your business is investing in exactly what you need.

Ongoing Support

TAS can be as involved or completely removed as necessary once your system is installed. We can provide training and complete handoff, or we can visit your site for regular preventative maintenance checks, usually once a year, and even occasionally provide free data analysis. Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our success.

Typical Applications of CH4 Monitoring

  • Fenceline Monitoring
  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Point Source Monitoring

Typical Industries Benefitting from CH4 Monitoring

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas/Petrochemical
  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • Waste Disposal